… I always considered myself a good, innocent man… one who seeks to bring out the best in others… to be someone others can vent to and always contain a smile…
… so that I could understand how to make others smile in return…
… that’s why I treasured this dream so much… that’s why it’s meant so much to me… it has brought family and friends closer than ever… I wanted to turn my culinary talents and emotional upliftings into a career…
… that’s all I ever wanted… 
… and now it’s gone… it’s all gone… even the memories have been burned alive… a-all because I just wanted an old friend back…
… why…?

… I always considered myself a good, innocent man… one who seeks to bring out the best in others… to be someone others can vent to and always contain a smile…

… so that I could understand how to make others smile in return…

… that’s why I treasured this dream so much… that’s why it’s meant so much to me… it has brought family and friends closer than ever… I wanted to turn my culinary talents and emotional upliftings into a career…

… that’s all I ever wanted…

… and now it’s gone… it’s all gone… even the memories have been burned alive… a-all because I just wanted an old friend back…

… why…?

A Dream Crushed


“While the corrupted being cared little for Takeshi’s pathetic sentimental speech, a small part of her didn’t. The original Whisper, the one that still clung on for dear life as the tide of insanity clawed at her. Hearing these words, it brought tears to her eye even as the evil tide swirled around her. She always thought she was just another hand for hire, nothing more. But hearing Takeshi say those words seemed to fill her with the kind of joy that brought her into a mess.”

“On the outside, she hesitated as if something was wrong, gripping her head with one hand, one could see a sole tear run down her ravaged face. For a moment, it seemed like the old Whisper was back as her face became calm and gentle, the usual tenderness that had always radiated from her being. But after that brief moment, she became filled with an unfathomable rage as she glared at Takeshi with murderous eyes.”

What the hell do you think you’re trying to get at here? You think I’m some sort of nice women that needs her friends to be rescued? Well I don’t, you hear me? I FUCKING DON’T! I CHOOSE THIS PATH AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! THE OLD WHISPER IS DEAD, YOU HEAR ME! FUCKING DEAD! AND IF YOU THINK YOU CAN STILL REACH TO ME, THEN YOU MUST BE STUPIDIER THEN YOU LOOK! “Her right arm coiled with tremdous psychic energy before unloading her fist into Takeshi’s chest. Sending the poor cook flying through the front doors. But despite this sudden brutal assault, he still looked at her with hopeful eyes, despite all the fear that was currently present within him.”

“This only seemed to enrage Whisper more as she walked furiously through what was the front entrance. But both her hands suddenly glowed blue as ethreal Will O’ Wisps formed in each one.” You disgust me Takeshi, still trying to hold onto that one bond that you still think is our friendship. But if your still think that this is some sort of dream, than I’ll simply have to burn your’s into the ground to wake you up!

“Upon saying that, she turned to face the resteraunt that Takeshi worked so hard and diligently to make. All that effort into a realization……. but all that was about to change. She suddenly had that fearsome look of crazed insanity on her face as she rapidly lobbed a barrage of the glowing blue flames at the bluilding. Soon enough, the ghostly thralls of the hellish flames started to consume the establishment. The very structure itself started to groan as the fire weakened the foundation…….. until it collapsed into the ground.”


The force of the blow was enough to send Takeshi thudding and skidding roughly along the dirt, right out of his own restaurant. Clutching his chest and letting out a desperate gasp of air, he supported himself with the other arm and tried to push himself up, his eyes wincing from the pure sting of the impact. He has a difficult time breathing, and such ability was nearly taken away when he glanced up at Whisper, who was enraged and glowing with a fury as hellish as the flames in her hands. His voice went soft again with a pleading a look, as if still trying to appeal to her sensitivity — if any exists at all — but it was no use.

He saw her turning around and launching those dread, ghastly, howling balls of fire at the facility. The restaurant itself almost seemed to cry out desperately along with the loud calls of the flames’ burning and charring, as if able to feel the pain of being broken down.

And then the damage became too great…

Before the Bisharp’s terrified, desperate and horrified eyes, he saw the entire restaurant cave in, becoming utterly reduced to charred bits of rock, metal and wood. Whatever remained was in ruins, utterly crushed by the weight and lingering, flickering unholy flames, those of which continued to slowly ear away at what was left.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. He didn’t want to believe his eyes. All he did was lie there in silence, heart-broken and torn as he could do nothing but watch his shattered dream continue to crumble and burn.. His dream, his career, his passion, and all of those memories that came with it… all was utterly destroyed.

As he lied there stunned and stricken with horror and betrayal, he slowly raised his head up to Whisper as a single tear welled up at the corner of his left eye… and then slowly inched his way down his cheek.

" … w… … why…?

A Dream Crushed


“Upon being asked how she could commit such possible things, she started to cackle that distorted cackle that Sinaldo seemed to do. Though the skull himself seemed oblivious to the events occuring around him.” That right there is your first problem! You’re trying to speak sense into somebody who lost their senses. “Gives a malicious grin.”

“But as Takeshi declared how he wouldn’t let he go through with her plans, she put on a throughly pleased look. Not one of insanity, but true joy.” Hmm, it seems like somebody has grown a little backbone! Good for you Takeshi………. however. “Suddenly stands up as she strides effortlessly to Takeshi and stares him down as she stands right in front of him. Though they were the same height, the Gardevoir suddenly looked gargantuan in front of the Bisharp. like she could cast him away with a simple wave of her arm.”

Boldness will only get you so far Takeshi. What do you think your going to do, talk it out with my army? Our minds are fueled by bloodlust and violence, it’ll never be quenched. “She quietly hisses as she hold his face with both her hands in a rather delicate manner.” If I had wanted to, I would kill you and everybody else you hold dear, here and now. But we’re still friends, so I’m going to leave you with a warning. Stop your foolishness in trying to rescue me……. and you’ll be sparred a horrific death, unlike everybody else. “She started to cackle with demented glee as both her eyes stared at Takeshi with intense insanity.”

The Bisharp stepped back a bit as his eyes widened and pupils shrunk from intimidation, trembling in his steel legs as the corrupted Gardevoir threatened him and his well-being. While he did appreciate the idea of being spared from such a fate, he still has a tough time bearing to see Whisper, his own friend, looking like this. At that, he steps to the side and overlaps his arms, looking down at the fine smooth surface of the restaurant floor.

" … w-well…" he started, muttering weakly with self-realization, "… i-it’s not as if I could save you anyway… a-at least, not on my own… a-and especially not your army…" He then looked up at her, trying to keep whatever confidence he has left afloat before this terrifying creature as he spreads his arms a bit.

" … b-but… I will at least do something… it just… it hurts me to see you become like this, so… so.. hell-bent on taking lives and raising graves, and having this transformation occur under my nose no less…" He closes his eyes, then reopens them, a tiny bit more confidence poured into his tone and looks.

" I just… I just want you back the way you were, that’s all… when you were malevolent, understanding, and yet still powerful and out-spoken in your own right. Not to mention how helpful you have been…" The Bisharp spreads his arms out and turns around in place a little as he scans his gaze about the restaurant, as if using this facility as an example.

" You were not only an amazing friend, but an astounding employee… you worked hard to make so many people happy, just like I have… it… it felt like we shared a goal at one point, and under this very roof where we saw each other and everyone else the most often. Sure, we had displeased customers here and there, but that didn’t stop us from seeing them through with nothing else but a smile as they made their way out… there have been many good memories here, Whisper." With that sentimental speech, he finally looks at her in the face, his expression quiet and pleading.

" … so how can you threaten me and others like this, and under the same establishment where we helped one another…? Does that really mean nothing to you anymore?"


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“The hybrid merely gave a simple shrug of her shoulders, like it didn’t even matter to her.” Considering the crazy crap I’ve seen in my life, I would bet there’s probably some kind of method for reversing a process like this. In fact, I’m pretty sure Gregnas knows a person who can help ya out with that, though he’s not exactly on friendly terms with him. “Chuckles a bit, like this conversation is some sort of lighthearted joke.”

But in the end, life throws ya many twists…….. like right now. “A part of her robe sudenly moves and shuffles as a dark tendril raises out of it, wrapped around a spherical object. Dropping it gently on the table before releasing it’s vicelike grip, it was none other that Sinaldo or at least his head. But something seemed wrong with him as his demonic eye bobbed groggily back and forth, like the very energy ws drained from him. Whisper, however, seemed more than happy about this and not in a good way.”

Funny thing Takeshi, when Sinaldo was breaking me, he was trying to make my personality more akin to his…… “Her crazed grin suddenly became wide as her eyes became ablaze with energy.” But he broke me too well so to speak and I’ve been slowly regaining control of my body. As of right now, I call the shots, his powers and army are mine to command, but at least his ideas are agreeable. So I’m going to pick up where he started and all the spoils of war will be mine for the taking. Simple, is it not?

Takeshi leapt a little in his seat at the sight of Sinaldo’s head, seeing his once deadly visage seething with poisonous energy now reduced more to a drained, almost drunken look… the odd grin he gave only furthered the immense curiosity of this rare state. He then looked at Whisper, trembling and looking intimidated as Whisper’s raw aura burned in the air around them. Instinctively, Takeshi stood up, but… didn’t run. He stood up as a means to gather strength for himself… to raise his confidence as Whisper stood up as well. With a firm gulp, he balled his metallic hands into tight fists and tried his hardest to hold his ground, even with the drastic difference between their strengths.

"Whisper… y-you can’t do this! I… I won’t let you! Besides, th-there’s no need to resort to war, there’s no need to resort to any of this senseless violence! You’re better and smarter than this, I know you are! I-I mean…"  the Bisharp holds his head in confusion, giving a heavy sigh before looking back at her conflictedly.

"… what could you possibly gain from this? W-what sort of benefits could you get…? It doesn’t make any sense to me…!"

A Dream Crushed


Whisper: “Gives an amused chuckle and a simple shrug.” That’s fair enough I suppose, for you Takeshi, since your’ve been such a good friend to me. Hmm I do believe it all began shortly after me and Jessamine were all buddy buddy with each other. You remember that, right Takeshi? All those heartfelt emotions and acceptance of each other. “Slowly sips out of her tea before continuing.”

Funny thing is that Sinaldo was watching us, even before you came and had the polite demeanor to wait until after you two left. Then he came, threatened my family and said he would kill them if I didn’t become his new host. As you can already tell, I said yes and became the new herald for his gathering legions.

“Takes another sip out of her tea, but suddenly giving Takeshi a rather morbid look of seriousness.” Tell me Takeshi, do you know how it feels? Having that insane laughter in your head all the time as it eats away at your sanity? Or how about the part where I was forced to kill people………. sometimes even forced to eat them alive. Feeling their warm blood spray all over you while you can hear their agonizing screams for help slowly die out as the light in their eyes slowly fade away? No, you never will, in fact, it’s done wonders for my mind as you can already tell! “She said with a sudden crazed enthusiasm, but quickly calmed down and resumed her relaxed demeanor.”

The thing is, when your brain is turned into mush while you have an ancient warlord inside you….. it tends to leave you open for suggestions. But I’ll save the rest for later, please, tell me your current thoughts. “The hybrid said intuitively as she clasps her hands together, waiting for Takeshi to give his thoughts on the some of the events Whisper just revealed.”

Takeshi looked morbidly horrified all the way through, his irises nearly shrunken to mere dots as some beads of sweat slid over his fear-stricken face. He remained quiet, but a part of him wanted to get the hell out of that restaurant now that Whisper has mentioned Sinaldo’s influence over her behavior. And yet another part of him… the braver, the loyal, the concerned part of Takeshi, had him shackled to his seat in strong resolve, trying not to break before this beast that has become of Whisper. Once she’s done talking, he only gives a gulp and a breathy pant before finally muttering…

" … So THAT’s what has happened… S-Sinaldo, he… he’s gotten a hold of you, hasn’t he…?"

The red swordsman cook just leaned over the table and held his head which was throbbing with pain and the inability to comprehend as well as believe. There were so many thoughts and emotions stirring in his mind, like a violent tempest wanting him to voice these roaring feelings as powerfully as he could, but overall, it’s his compassion for his friend that has him won over, and staying. He slowly slid his palms off his helmet and looks at Whisper almost pleadingly.

"Whisper… I… I just can’t… I just feel so terrible for you, being forced to serve host for Sinaldo… I u-understand that you didn’t want to die, but…" He shakes his head, his face looking more resolute…

" … I know this is not what you really want. Sinaldo has done this to you… he’s made you this way. You say it has opened your mind, but all he’s done is claw it open as time passed, whispering his corrupted views into your subconscious as he fed his d-demented seed into you… I don’t care what you say, Whisper, but… no, this is not who you are. This sort of change over time is not natural; it’s completely influenced. There… there has to be SOME way to turn you back to your former loving, gentle self again…"

The bladed chef gives a small, hopeful smile…

"… right…? "

A Dream Crushed


Whisper: “As she calmly, yet quickly chews down on each piece of food that enters her mouth, it takes her back. How she first met Takeshi, being employed into the resteraunt and meeting all sorts of new faces that greeted her with open arms, despite her bizzare looks. She remembered how she enjoyed cooking and serving, watching with joy as people had warm looks on their faces. This was a place of great joy to her……… but that was back then, this is now. As she finished off the last portions of her food, she used the napkin to wipe any bits of food that might have gotten on her face. Afterwards she places the crumpled cloth on the side of the table before grabbing her tea and bringing it close to her. She grabbed the straw and slowly stirred the ice cubes that were in it while staring at Takeshi.”

As always Takeshi, you know how to make the best. Since this meal has thoroughly pleased me, you can ask me whatever you want, I’m an open book to you. “She said in a rather cunning manner as a small grin formed on her face, a face that had amusement and curiousity subtly plastered all over it.”

He gives but a tender nod to Whisper’s invitation to interrogation. His face is actually relaxed for the most part, which is further supported by Whisper’s surprisingly relaxed outlook at the moment… given her mutations and such. At that, Takeshi leans a little over the table, resting his elbows as he overlaps his hands over his mouth, all while giving her quiet eye contact. He seems to be ready — and serious — for what he’s about to ask.

" … All I want to know… " he starts, his voice tender and open, like a patient psychiatrist, " … is what has happened to you. Everything. Summarize if you need to, I just… want to know what has happened… after all… you are my friend. I’ve done a lot for you… it’s only fair that I get to hear what you have been up to after not talking in so long."


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Whisper: Why might that be Takeshi? You and everybody else certainly seem to be caught up in the idea that a hideous freak like me isn’t the Gardevoir you loved and cherished. Perhaps you’re all just as shallow as the people you try to defend your friends and family from? But there will be time to discuss that later………. sit.

“Points to the seat across from her booth as she started to slowly eat her food, taking in every bite, like she was savoring it for something.”

With a hard gulp and a surprisingly strong resolve to know what has become of Whisper, Takeshi obeys her command and shakily seats himself across the table, keeping his elbows off as he clasps his metal hands together.

All the while, he can’t take his eyes off her… despite all the morbid details and mutations that has become of her, he can’t help but be genuinely worried… soon enough, he loses himself into this concern, as his eyebrows slope and his irises return to a fuller and more relaxed, although somber, size. He isn’t even worried as to whether or not Whisper will like the food, but his efforts can definitely be seen — or rather, tasted, and he hopes that the meal puts Whisper in a good enough mood to negotiate.

As he waits, he just taps his thumbs together, gulping now and then…

A Dream Crushed


Sinister: “Waits patiently for it’s food, never uttering a sound as it stays deathly still in place. It wasn’t even breathing for the most part, almost as if it had stopped moving completely. But it’s head perked up as the Bisharp brought the food it ordered for in front of it’s face. Acting unusually calm, it slowly pull the napkin out from under the silverware and placed it on it’s lap.”

Most excellent my good sir, you have performed splendidly, now it’s time to see what’s so popular about this food.

“Is about to dig in with a fork in one hand and a spoon in another….. but it suddenly stops. Slowly raising it’s head, it put’s on a calm smile behind that cloak. One could easily see the sharpened teeth as the light of the booth reflected off of it.”

Oh my, how rude of me, where’s my tableside manners? One shood always have any hats or hoods off before they eat. Pardon my rudeness while I quickly take this off.

“Upon saying that, the being slowly lifted off it’s cloak until it’s face was revealed……. a face all too familiar to Takeshi, despite the mutations. It was Whisper…… but it couldn’t really be……. could it?”

"………….. !"

Takeshi took a step back and raised his arms out of horror and disbelief after the unveiling of this morbid presence. The dark hair, the head fins on each side of her head, the tattered white dress, past all of the extra additions… and the slimmer of the usual tenderness Takeshi could feel from this malignant being… it makes his stomach turn even trying to think of the name, but his lips react before his mind could pull it back:

"… Wh-Whisper…?!" The Bisharp trembled a bit, but now out of concern rather than fear for his friend… or at least, someone he knew as his friend.

" … W-what… what happened? What’s become of you? This… th-this can’t possible be you! "

A Dream Crushed


Sinister: “Kept quiet the whole time Takeshi went through the process of turning on the lights. Even chuckling a little at how professional he tried to look, despite his entire body being set on vibrate mode. But upon being asked what it desired to eat, it slowly raised it’s head up, exposing it’s two eyes in the darkness of it’s hood. The left eye was red and demonic while the left eye was blue and ghost like, almost as if an ethreal flame burned inside it.”

Hmm, I suppose I would like a drink of your finest tea since it would be inappropriate to consume alcohol at this time of the day. Then I would like your finest shrimp alfredo, extra on the shrimp please.

“Despite this fearsome being, it was acting like it was a regular customer as it sat down on a table and stared at Takeshi intensely with those disturbing eyes of it’s own. It clasped both of it’s hands together, exposing the left hand, which looked like a metal claw with what some might mistake for lava as skin. What kind of creature was this?”

Takeshi took a time to catch a lot of breath, trying to clear the ambiguously dark impression of this evil being from his mind as he jotted this down. His pen scribbled with a pace as fast as his heart beat.

"… R-Red Dragon Pearl Tea… Shrimp Alfredo, extra shrimp…"

He muttered these words softly. Once he was done writing it down, he saluted the customer and went into the kitchen. It took a little while due to him having to set up everything all over again, but sounds of shuffling and brewing can be heard inside. Despite his fear, Takeshi used his Inner Focus to pour all of his effort into these simple orders. Given his expertise, he’s going to make sure these will satisfy anybody, no matter how terrifying or experienced they were with food.

Soon enough, Takeshi arrives to the table and keeps a straight face, trying not to look at the ‘customer’ as he gently lays and serves the food down on the plate for Sinister.

Takeshi moved away as he clasped his hands together, gulping.

"… Shrimp Alfredo with extra shrimp, a-and Red Dragon Pearl Tea is our s-special today… a-a hint of malt, peaches and baked apples with a note of cocoa rounding out each sip, a-and partially iced to e-ensure refreshment…"

The cook in uniform slowly backs away and bows, trying to remain calm and hoping for the best.

" … T… Tanoshimu… enjoy…”

A Dream Crushed


Sinister: “Only seems to chuckle at this remark, though it was an insidious chuckle at that.” Oh come now, I’ve come here to entice my palette with a wide variety of hearty flavors. But then again, my friends do get rather… rowdy let’s say at the smell of food.

“Raises up a hand, where the Bisharp could see the exposed bone turned fearsome claws. It’s like the meat rotted right off the skeletal fingers themselves, further adding to it’s fearsome demeanor. Clicking those bone fingers together, it produced a snapping noise and on cue, the forest surrounding the resteraunt suddenly lit up with activity. Fearsome glowing eyes, glinting sharp teeth and beastial growls littered the area. Though the hooded being only seemed to chuckle at this.”

Surely you can make an exception……….. just this once?

The Bisharp didn’t think he could feel any further frightened or threatened by this monster. The macabre sight of the hand would’ve made anyone faint or at least take a step back from how grotesque it was, but the faint visage of teeth and the glowing of eyes wrapping around the restaurant’s location made Takeshi feel utterly trapped. He was sweating, and his limbs were absolutely rigid right now, and his legs wobbled here and there… he felt like he might die here if he doesn’t do as this creature wants.

Logically — in terms of preserving his life — Takeshi takes another hard gulp and goes to flick on some nearby lights, just enough to light up dining booths and the kitchen. He then nervously faces this hooded figure, nodding hesitantly.

" … A-alright… w-what’s…" Even in the face of this macabre-looking customer, Takeshi tries to follow professional routine, even grabbing a flipbook and a pen as he prepares to write down what Sinister’s demands are. But even so, he can’t help shaking…

"… w-what’s your pleasure…?"

A Dream Crushed

"It was late at night and though everyone else had left, Takeshi stayed behind to do some last minute checkups on the resteraunt. As he humed a gentle tune to himself and was about to lock up the doors, a presence was suddenly felt behind him. Turning around, he saw a humanoid being draped in a black hooded cloak."

Sinister: Ah, you must be Takeshi, correct? My name is Sinister, I only assume that you got my letter? "The figure spoke in a distorted voice, it was hard to even make out what this person was, let alone their voice. But some thing felt wrong, very wrong, like Takeshi was in danger."

The Bisharp shivered as he felt this cold, malevolent presence suddenly appearing behind him. As he turned over to look, his eyes dilated, and his posture grew stiff… dead stiff. The fact that this figure was aware of the delivered letter, and the menacing duality that infected its voice… needless to say, this Bisharp is not at his bravest spirits for this. Then again, when is he?

Struggling for words, he musters a small, painful gulp before slowly parting his lips, his voice shaken by fright.

" … you… s-so YOU’RE Sinister… you… you said you wanted to… EAT here…?" He shudders for a moment as he looks about, looking heavily conflicted.

"B-but… but this restaurant is c-closing for the night…"

Methyll: "As she's done scarfing down the last bowl, she looks at the bill when she suddenly put's on a toothy grin." Hey short stuff, c'mere for a second, I wanna tell ya something. >)

Takeshi: … Ahaha… *swallowing the hard lump in his throat, he nods and quietly approaches his customer and fully evolved friend, still working a smirk even despite his anxiety*

… W-what, er… what is it…?

The Garchomp’s Order


Takeshi: Whew! *he brings the large tray of the four meals altogether, presenting them at the counter*

H-here you are, madame! Four orders of the Caijun Shrimp Pasta, just as you asked! ^^; *he lets Kayla ring up the total, which comes to about $23.96*

I, e-er, hope you’re satisfied? … please? *now that he’s getting a somewhat hesitant better look at this Garchomp, he does notice that the scar seems rather familiar…*

Takeshi: A-alright, we’ve got a big-ish order here, but it’s all the same thing! ^^; The customer seems really hungry too, so let’s make sure it comes out great!

Takeshi: A-alright, we’ve got a big-ish order here, but it’s all the same thing! ^^; The customer seems really hungry too, so let’s make sure it comes out great!